Executive Brief
A Primer on Runtime Intelligence

Uncover the dynamic features of the Kodem platform's sensor technology, powered by our proprietary Runtime Intelligence™. Learn how Kodem delivers in-depth security analysis across the entire application stack with the innovative use of eBPF.

See how Kodem's cutting-edge sensor technology revolutionizes application monitoring at the kernel level.


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The Kodem platform sets a new standard in application security by leveraging its patented sensor technology and the power of eBPF. Kodem can see and subscribe to events at the kernel level without impacting the overall stability or security of the system. That gives the Kodem platform access to system events, so it can see everything your application is doing.

Discover Kodem's runtime intelligence and gain insights into how it functions. Uncover the numerous advantages of utilizing an eBPF-based agent to establish a comprehensive understanding of the application environment at the kernel level.

Kodem's advanced capabilities in source code analysis, container and IaC inspection, and OS and memory fingerprinting ensure comprehensive security coverage. The Kodem Application Intelligence Engine further enhances this by contextualizing data to effectively prioritize and address vulnerabilities.