See how Kodem brings runtime intelligence to SBOM, SCA, SAST, and Container Scanning. 

Let us show you how runtime intelligence is changing vulnerability management.

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Watch our platform overview video to see how Kodem
discovers real security risks in your code at runtime.

Kodem's runtime-powered application security platform eliminates unnecessary noise, providing a fast, best-in-class accuracy set of findings. Here’s how:

Real Risk at Runtime
Our platform identifies the precise vulnerabilities in packages and source code that are compiled, executed, and present in the running application. The platform leverages eBPF to gain deep application visibility and deliver accurate risk assessments leading to real actionable results.

Prioritized Remediation
Developers can focus on genuine risks with our detailed remediation guidance.

Self-service Resolution
Our platform provides tailored resolution advice specific to the application's building blocks, dependencies, and respective owners.

Kodem has redesigned and transformed software composition analysis with its cutting-edge runtime intelligence approach.
Pronay Mukherjee